Your Lean Journey

In some respects, mine began over 20 years ago, though I didn't know it at the time. TQM had come into vogue. As an Architect and Principal responsible for operations in the New York City office of a global practice, I believed our industry needed a better process. Although TQM was sound theory, it lacked a vision for design and construction.

Fast forward a decade. My true Lean Journey commenced when working with the Lean Construction Institute. Proud to have been an LCI Board Member and, now, a Sponsor.

Today, I provide consultation as Method Lean, a practice grounded in executive, project delivery experience as an A+E practice leader. We utilize Lean thinking to improve project delivery, operations and design.

Please enjoy your visit to this website. Our unique point of view presents Lean as a progression of Theory, Vision, Process, Tool and Habit. We think you'll find this the clearest path forward on Your Lean Journey.


results matter




Act Lean, think Lean

Mentoring teams and individuals in the Processes, Tools and Habits of Lean.


Checking-In and measuring the metrics important to your organization, keeping everyone on track toward continuous improvement.

From simulation games that teach Theory to the use of specific Tools that support Lean Project Delivery and Operations.


Your guide on the side; an honest broker supporting your team on the path toward efficient workflows and Lean Habits.