The Lean Progression

We developed the Lean Progression chart to clarify what Lean means and how it works.


Understanding how to see Waste, Flow and Value.

Simply stated yet challenging to achieve.


Making the leap from theory to the 'inter-connected' project delivery opportunities of Impeccable Coordination, Collective Enterprise and Productive System (source, Howell and Lichtig).


Utilizing the Big 4 Lean processes to improve project delivery: Last Planner; Target Value Design; Set Based Design;and, Choosing By Advantages.Setting these processes up for success with a Validation methodology that captures the Conditions of Satisfaction.


Using methods to diagnose process problems and determine solutions. Though the precise tool will vary for each improvement opportunity, common use of A3 Thinking, Visual Management and Batch Thinking should be expected.


Daily second nature behaviors reinforce our understanding of Lean Theory and Vision,while improving our use of Processes and Tools. Key habits include: Plus-Delta; Takeaway+Intent; Lean Coffee; Kaizen Cycle; and, the Breakdown Declaration.

Integrated Project Delivery

Lean Theory and its Vision for project delivery directly led to the modern practice of Integrated Project Delivery.

While several factors contribute to the success of IPD, its important to keep in mind that Lean features are prominent.

Although you cannot do IPD without Lean, you can (and should) do Lean without IPD.